Downsides of Free Event Software

When looking for an event management solution, you would always want to find out if there are free event software you can use – products that may offer the same functionality but that does not require you to shell out any amount of money. While there are free software at your disposal, you should be very critical on what type of service you will enjoy from these alternatives. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider paid event software instead:

  1. Insufficient Features

Free event management software products are shorthanded in terms of features. A paid version for example would help you in the following areas: event registration, event ticketing, project management, budget management, email management, data management, attendee networking, etc. Most free software would only focus on one aspect of event management and could not be integrated into your office environment. Furthermore, they may act as baits for you to eventually pay and unlock a full version. This may let you lose precious time if you are organising a big event.

  1. No Networking Tools

As previously mentioned, networking tools are some of the top features of an event management software. It should offer different platforms for your attendees to make meaningful connections with one another. If you are organising professional or business conferences, it is vital that you invest in a solution that will help you engage attendees before, during, and after an event through networking. Examples of software tools that help in this aspect are in-app messaging, online communities, and matchmaking solutions. These are mostly unavailable in free software.

  1. Poor Customer Support

Free software providers may not have enough resources to establish customer service channels for its end-users. This is one of the top reasons why many event managers would opt to pay for paid yet powerful solutions instead. They know that placing their money in the right company means less headaches for any concern that is related to the software. Industry leading software providers capitalise on good customer service. This is probably the reason why they have an expansive client base. While it may sound cliché, you will truly get your money’s worth if you can find a highly reliable event management software provider. Be vigilant as you look for software reviews online and see how a company fares in terms of support.

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