How to Choose an Event App

An event app is practically a mobile application that you can ask your attendees to download to their phones or tablets. It acts as a useful miscellaneous tool for events in a sense that it improves your attendees’ experience. If you are currently using an event management software, there’s a good chance that your software provider is also offering this product as an aggregate product to their solution. Here are three features that will help you find the best event management app:

  1. Availability of Different Features

Knowing about the different features of an event app should be your first task during research. What value does the app bring to your attendees? Foremost, an event app will give your attendees access to important event details. They will be able to check the program, floor plan, speakers, and sponsors among many others through the app. If you are organising conferences or trade exhibitions with simultaneous meetings for attendees, the app will also show to them their diaries and remind them where they should be at a specific time. While there are many other features that an event app may hold, it is important that you know what types of features you exactly need for your event.

  1. Android and iOS Compatibility

While this may be considered a no-brainer, you should make sure that the event app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. There are some app providers that have only released an Android version of their product, and this practically cuts off its usability to iPhone or iOS users. As you contract a company to make an event app for you, make sure that you clearly point out that you would want the app to be downloadable from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. This addresses the diversity of mobile devices where the app can be downloaded to.

  1. Quality of Customer Support

Last but not the least, it pays to be very particular with the quality of customer support that the app provider offers to its clients. Any software product may be ridden with bugs, and you would want to invest in a company that is highly sensitive to your needs and concerns. As you conduct your research, try to observe the quality of communication between you and different providers as you make your initial enquiries. Also check if customer support channels such as their phone number or live chat support is fully functional.